July 1, 2013
I'm excited to announce that I am now assistant music curator at the Meridian Gallery in San Francisco. We are currently accepting proposals for off-season performances at the space. The gallery is suitable for quiet to mid-volume avant music, and has a projector screen behind the performance area. If you plan on being in the bay area, get in touch.

June 26 , 2013
New Release:
Bryan Day & Bob Marsh - 'Crumpled Partials' on Green Tape (Rockford, IL)

Upcoming Releases:
Seeded Plain - 'Provincial Stammer' CD-R on Bug Incision (Calgary, AB)
Patio Slang - s/t on Factotum Tapes (Dayton, OH)
Susanne Hafenscher / Cheryl Leonard / Bryan Day CD
Bryan Day / Jeffrey Alexander / Paul Winstanley / Dylan Shearer Tape

Eloine - 'Wiretie Undergrowth' (Score) on Insides Music (Minneapolis)

April 1 , 2013
New release:
Bryan Day - 'A Parallel Charter' zine on Single Girl Married Girl (Philadelphia)

October 8, 2012
Zipperwall Quilt #3 will be on display December 2012 at the Robert Hillestad Textile Gallery in Lincoln, NE as part of the Parallel Circuits exhibition.

February 25, 2012
Zipperwall Quilt #2 will be on display March 2012 at the Ice Box Project Space in Philadelphia as part of FiberPhiladelphia's Outside / Inside the Box.

November 21, 2011
R.P. Collier & Eloine -'Anchor Studies' available late November from Triple Bath out of Athens.

November 9, 2011
Playlists and archives for my radio program Reverse Travelogue are now online.

October 11, 2011

Seeded Plain + Hal Rammel / (D)(B)(H) split 12" LP now available at Friends and Relatives Records out of Ypsilanti, MI.

September 13, 2011
Seeded Plain will be playing a two shows in Michigan and Ohio in support of the new split LP on Friends and Relatives:
October 8, 2011 - Ypsilianti, MI - Dreamland Theater w/ (D)(B)(H), Pine Cones, Sky Thing, Strange Brew, Poetry Problem Express.
October 9, 2011 - Toledo, OH - Robinwood Concert House w/ (D)(B)(H), Jason Zeh

August 27, 2011
Art farm residency was a success. Along with finishing the zipperwall quilts I recorded 6 hours of piezo and field recordings and contributed to a number of film projects at the central Nebraska location.

February 15, 2011
Seeded Plain Mini-Tour
March 8 - March 14

August 29, 2010
Eloine US Tour w/ Ember Schrag
September 1 - November 16

April 20, 2010
Seeded Plain (Bryan Day + Jay Kreimer) US Tour w/ Maria Chavez
May 10 - June 1

February 25, 2010
Upcoming Releases:
Seeded Plain - 'Entry Codes' on Creative Sources (Portugal)
Eloine - 'Simpler Machines' on Darbolistic Rex (Iowa City)

February 10, 2010
New Release:
Shelf Life - 'Courtesy' on Psychic Oscillator (Mexico)