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Alan Sondheim / Azure Carter / Luke Damrosch - 'Threnody'
Who could have made such music? What was he thinking? Or rather, what were his fingers telling him with their ecstatic stuttering, their motormouth metalanguage?

And do you call this music? It does not sound like noise. In its skittering, scampering, blurting of pure expression, it is alive, unmistakably alive. Like a creature we don't quite recognize, that moves by its own lights, that does not need our permission to exist, that finds or makes its own spaces and habitats.

Music is always abstract, so it would seem a redundancy to think of this as abstract music. Of course, we do not consider songs abstract, nor familiar melodies or classical forms---even when we are aware that what seems familiar is really a matter of cultural habits and slowly developed norms (which are themselves constantly changing, naturally). This music, this splash of tonalities and textures, this breathing of illuminations in their flurries of flight, might well be an abstraction of the seemingly-non-abstract. Quickest glimpse of a melody from afar, so far that it must be foreign, though no less human for that; and so quick, so speeded up perhaps, that we do not know what we are hearing. The spine of a massive animal poking up through a surface we did not even realize was there.

Alan Sondheim is a polymath, a restless connecter, explorer of virtual realms, tinkerer in the currency of questions, ever curious about impossible articulations of the body, of bodies, of dust and stars. Or what had seemed impossible. Luke Damrosch, meanwhile, tracks the flickering web of Alan's spells, catches their reflections, follows them through to their secret heartbeat. And Azure Carter? Azure assures him, ensures the voice within the music, soft anchor to a wild ear, filters the wind of vast expanses into a sigh, a melodic speaking, we are here, we were here, we may be somewhere else tomorrow.
- Jason Weiss

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