Abnormal sounds since 1997. Free Improvisation, Avant Rock, Electroacoustic, Concrete; Progressive & Regressive; Insider & Outsider.
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Upcoming Public Eyesore Releases:
PE136 - Ghost In The House - 'Second Sight' CD (San Francisco)
PE137 - Helene Breschand / Elliott Sharp - 'Chansons du Crepescule' CD (France / NYC)
PE138 - Collision Stories (San Francisco)

PE139 - Alan Sondheim - ' The Ineffable Morphic Plane' CD (Providence, RI)
PE140 - Dennis Palmer / Col. Bruce Hampton / Jessica Lurie / Frank Pahl - 'White Wuff' CD (Chattanooga,TN...)

Upcoming Eh? Releases:
eh?93 - noisepoetnobody (Seattle)
eh?94 - Ihsanul Fikri (Jakarta)
eh?95 - Felipe Araya (Santiago, Chile)
eh?96 - Omake + Johnson (Seattle)

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