Luke Polipnick
(Lincoln, NE USA)

The Mighty Vitamins


Luke Polipnick is an improvising guitarist and composer originally from the Twin Cities, now living in Lincoln, NE. He has performed in settings ranging from traditional jazz to free improvisation, contemporary electronica to the popular music diaspora. He has played and performed with Tatsuya Nakatani, Adam Linz, Michael Lewis, and Anthony Cox, and is currently studying composition with Dr. Randall Snyder at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln. His current musical projects include Volcano Insurance, a Twin Cities-based post-jazz trio performing his compositions; Flamethrower, an electric quartet focusing on a hybrid of free jazz and punk rock; Giraffe, and experimental electronic duo; and the Mighty Vitamins, a non-idiomatic improvisation ensemble integrating any and all styles and influences. He also enjoys spending time with his wife, dog, two cats, and record collection whenever possible.
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