Dereck Higgins
(Omaha, NE USA)

D + D


REM, NOFX, DRI, RAF. Digital Sex, Backworld, Dead Kennedys, Family Radio. Alternate Music Society, Omaha Healing Arts Council, SCOLA Japan, Temple Ov Psychic Youth. Some of the bands and associations Dereck has worked with or been in over the past thirty plus years. Like a stealth bomber Dereck’s presence has been around for many years musically, yet he has kept a low profile, at times not seeming to be there at all. As much a fan of music as a player Dereck thrives on good music, in all forms. His open mindedness allowed him to embrace the music of Igor Stravinsky, Karlheinz Stockhausen and Steve Reich even as a child. All the while Dereck was hooked on the radio and in the sixties pop music was incredible. Rock was still losing its’ innocence. He started picking up guitar and bass in his teens and even took drum lessons for awhile from Luigi Waites. Of recent, Dereck has reemerged on the live music scene in Omaha playing in several bands and projects simultaneously. Everything from jazz with The Pat Higgins Trio, good time/social commentary with Paddy O’Furniture, contemporary pop with The Family Radio to pure improvisational free jazz with Flamethrower and electronic music with Platform. Dereck is scheduled to release a 7” single this spring on the Public Eyesore label. It is in collaboration with electronic music artist Dino Felipe (Schematic records artist).
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