David Michalak
(San Francisco)

Ghost In The House


Since 1971 I've made over 50 films with original soundtracks. Here are some highlights. I worked exclusively in super-8 for ten years, completing over 25 films, including 3 features. I was a guest writer for White Ox Films in Rochester, N.Y. and for the international magazine Super-8 Filmmaker in San Francisco. In 1978 I moved to San Francisco and started my own mail-order record business called EARWAX to produce 16mm films. Dreamlife my first 16mm film was premiered at the landmark Castro Theatre in S.F. in 1982. A soundtrack Picture Disc Lp of original music was released later in that year. A two-part Retrospective of my work was held in S.F. from 1992 - 1993. Part 1, When Dinosaurs Roamed The Earth, was held at The No Nothing, and Part 2 Eye-Full Films Revisited at the Cinematheque. In 1996 I completed Inside-Out, which featured The Kate Foley Dance Company and a score written with Nik Phelps and performed by the Club Foot Orchestra. The film had it's premiere with the orchestra playing live, at The Victoria Theatre in S.F. as part of my 2nd Retrospective called 25 Years Of Eye-Full Films. In 1999, after 10 years of work, I premiered When The Spirit Moves, a mystical fairy-tale featuring (Joe Goode) dancer Vong Phrommala and silent-movie style actress Billie-Marie Gross, at The Film Arts Festival. After nearly 30 years of filmmaking and over 50 completed films a soundtrack trio was formed to play live scores for my movies. The group, called “Reel Change”, started as a trio and has featured: Andrew Voigt (woodwinds), Joe Sabella (samples), David Michalak (lap steel), Phillip Greenlief (saxophones), Adam Hurst (cello), George Cremaschi (Contrabass), Tom Nunn (Homemade Instruments), Kyle Bruckman (double reeds), Thersa Wong (cello) and Tom Djll (trumpet). Reel Change performed a live score for the 1928 silent film, Fall Of The House Of Usher, at Yerba Buena Center For The Arts, somArts and The Exploratorium. The band released it’s first soundtrack CD this year called, “Open In Total Darkness.” A second CD will be released in 2006 featuring soundtracks for the films of Maya Deren. In 2004 I started a new group called “Ghost In The House” and am currently mixing a new CD entitled “Sleepwalk.” The group features Karen Stackpole, Kyle Bruckman and Tom Nunn. In early 2005 Bob Marsh and I started a duo called, “Dr. Bob”.
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