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sold out

Poormen - s/t
CD-R (Amherst, MA)

-soft ball
-record player
-soft chips
-temple garden
-vacuum cleaner

Recorded Spring, 2004 in Amherst, Massachussetts at the Tavern and in the Hall
Shay Len - Seen Guitar
Lil Yen - Tubes and Beer Al Eck - Green Glass
Ke - Brown Glass
Christ - Drums

(Smother.net) Omaha, Nebraska’s Public Eyesore Records may not be one of the best known indie labels but it should be. Poormen is yet another entry in their mighty catalog of noise, avant-garde, and experimental music. This self-titled release is chaotic, filled with samples, insane noise, and just utter scary weirdness. Also it’s 16 tracks of an average of thirty seconds that dares to be so completely different that if you aren’t affected by it, you’re probably deaf. I’m fairly certain that this noisy album is the recording of a madman before he went on a rampage. - J-Sin

(Foxy Digitalis) Like one of those evil little dolls from “Twilight Zone” or “Trilogy of Terror” that can rip you apart, this seemingly innocent 3inch CD packs quite the lethal assault. 16 tracks in eight minutes is just an all-out assault. While they do interrupt the noise here and there with found sounds and small vocal passages, they too are so disturbing and in your face that they merely complete the violation. In fact, they ramp up the horror, providing cryptic, demented commentary to the sonic bludgeoning. This personalizes the noise; the human is always more destructive than the mechanical. Bravo them for helping to burn off a little bit more of my ego and delusion, and to Public Eyesore for another fearless release. 8/10 - Mike Wood

(Dead Angel) This three-inch cdr contains 16 short (often very short) bursts of glitch electronica, pedal abuse, tortured squeaking, and other sonic ugliness augmented by lots of pained shrieking. Certainly one of the most psychotic-sounding things ever to emerge from the label, most of these short pieces start and end abruptly, jump-cutting into bursts of fractured audio violence that cut off in the middle of noise motifs and phrases. The "songs" are so short and fragmented, so totally non-linear and deliberately anti-musical, that they are more like random movements in a longer glitch-oriented piece. The whole thing is sort of like Boredoms and any given free-jazz / glitch band truncating their entire musical belief system into short spasms of twisted, truncated madness. Did I mention there's a lot of really disturbed yelling and shrieking on this album? Bizarre, intensely (and deliberately) unfathomable stuff. - RKF

(ADDreviews) A completely dischordant cacophony (is there another kind?) of noise. 16 tracks, 8 minutes, on a 3" CD. - Laze

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