[pe65]Sotto Voce
[pe63]Luv Rokambo
Do The Glimpse
[pe62]Bad Girls
Unauthorized Recordings
[pe61]Ayami Yo-ko
[pe59]Mason Jones
The Crystalline World of Memory
Original Punk Super Stars
[pe57]Emergency String Quintet
On The Corner (Market and Sixth)
[pe56]Old Bombs / Wolf Eyes
[pe55]Silt Fish
[pe54]A Tomato a Day
Nothing Special
This Way to Escape
[pe52]Aidan Baker
I Fall Into You
[pe51]Yoko Sato
Searching For My Recording Engineer
[pe50]Inu Yaroh
The Next Door Will Be Opened
[pe49]Ernesto Diaz-Infante & Bob Marsh
Rags and Stones
[pe47]Luv Rokambo
[pe46]Falafel Avantgarde
[pe45]Rob DeNunzio
Window Music
A Clamor Half Heard
[pe43]Ultra Fuckers
Beyond the Fuckless
[pe42]XV Parowek
Periodical Embarrassment
[pe41]Yu Nishibori & Landon Thorpe
Muno Radiation
Private Idioms
[pe39]Electric Kitten Vomit
The Avant-Garde Revolts
The Blooming of One Hundred Shotguns
[pe37]Jorge Castro
Sin Titulo #2
[pe36]Matt Silcock
[pe35]Shigehiko Matsui
D-Less-CAR,D-En (IN Between +&-)
[pe34]Khoury / Shearer / Hall
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Lisi - Damn It!!
CD (Los Angeles, CA)

-tightie whities
-idea steala
-comin' in my car
-a certain joy
-so pamela
-ich lieben die sniper

Lisi Linares - Vox & Synth

(Smother.net) Hearing a sultry sexy lass talk about “tighty whities” makes me feel weird but then when she asks the compelling question, “have you fucked in a class room?”, I know this is the album for me. Her songs are stripped down electronica jams with dubby bass hits perfect for the closest bong hit. The next incarnation of Lords of Acid? Perhaps. - J-Sin

(ADDreviews) Blippy Casio beats and sex-obsessed Dr. Seuss rhymes. Just odd enough to be intriguing. - Laze

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