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D + D - s/t
7" (Omaha, NE / Miami, FL)


D + D: Dereck Higgins & Dino Felipe

(Vital Weekly) D+D is one Dereck Higgins and Dino Felipe. They play together, but each side has the other one credited as main player. Both sides last no more than two and half minute each and it's hard to figure out what these boy play. Guitar for sure, but perhaps also some electronics? 'Properties' is a soft piece, or rather one with lots of silence and an occasional 'outburst', although it never reaches the height of noise, it stands out a bit from the vague crackling. 'Ribbons' on the flip consists more of sustaining sounds but here too things don't extent very much. Again, all in a sort of free improvisation play, but it has a mysterious character, of held back tension that makes this into a nice one. - Frans de Waard

(Aiding and Abetting) Very subtle stuff, the sorta thing that doesn't always work on a single. But these two short pieces ("Ribbons" is the flip) do quite nicely. Higgins and Felipe drop some cool mutated electronic work onto this steaming slab of pink. In fact, part of the fun is watching the circular flamingo go around while the blips and pops and (occasional) orchestration erupts from the speakers. - Jon Worley

(Dead Angel) I really like the packaging on this release -- from the swank colors of the abstract art on the glossy sleeve to the bright pink vinyl, this is a swell-looking artifact. The two tracks are short (under three minutes each) and the two players appear to take turns leading the festivities from one track to the next, and the nature of what they're doing is kind of mysterious -- "Properties" features lots of cut-up sound, random percussion, electronic buzzing, and a chaotic approach to sound that's largely unfathomable and unpredictable without being harsh or obnoxious; "Ribbons" is similar but built more around violin drones and rhythmic tone pulses, sounding more like actual music (barely) than the A-side (although both tracks are still a pretty far cry from anything mainstream). Both tracks are experiments in fractured and reassembled sound with an eye toward modern chaos theory and a subtle demeanor. It's a pretty cryptic piece of work, all right, but interesting. - RKF

(Dusted) “Properties” plays sampled snippets of finished music and instrument sounds in and out of a thinly-defined percussive backline, while “Ribbons” operates in more of a limbic, buzzing dronespace where long intervals between synth patterns create a dreamlike, lost-at-sea kind of ambiance. Two electroacoustic sound painters here giving some ideas a brief run-through. Not entirely captivating to anyone who hasn't spent long amounts of time with the Steve Reich 'n' roll of Gastr del Sol or their contemporaries, but some worthwhile sounds in there. Mine's on pink vinyl. - Doug Mosurak

(Broken Face) D+D is Derek Higgins and Dino Felipe and on this pink 7” for Public Eyesore we find these underground luminaries being a whole lot more restrained than I initially imagined them to be. There are plenty of space left between the guitar notes, mutated electronic buzz and subtle samples and one thing that strikes me after listening to these two rather short tracks is that the whole experience feels a bit like seeing a sculptor at work that add (and remove) layer after layer until it’s reached it’s intended format. Nice. - Mats Gustassfson

(Ampersand Etcetera) Also from PE – D+D (Dereck Higgins and Dino Felipe no pit 105) with a self-titled 7” single double A-side. Blink and you could miss this – the pink 45 lasts less than 3 minutes a side. Properties (A) bleeps blurts squeaks scrapes in a quiet field – the eruptions appearing and disappearing. Guitar and synths seem to be the source of a relaxed randomness that disappears into the silent spaces. Ribbons (AA) has a fuller makeup, layered sweet synth tones with cable loose interferences, distorted voices, shimmery scrapes, burring compounding to a density. An interesting one for the vinyl junkie - Jeremy Keens

(Kathodik) Un bel 7” di colore rosa, per questa release targata Public Eyesore, di cui sono co-intestatari Derek Higgins e Dino Felipe, due nomi che sinceramente non mi dicono assolutamente nulla. Dalle note sul sito della casa discografica apprendo che il primo è di Omaha (Nebraska, di Springsteeniana memoria) e il secondo di Miami (Florida, ovviamente), mentre ascoltando il vinile sembra di capire, data la mancanza di informazioni in merito, che entrambi suonino la chitarra, anche se fortemente contaminata con suoni elettronici. I due musicisti si dividono il disco al 50%, un lato per ciascuno, quindi si tratta di una sorta di split project, e non di una vera e propria collaborazione. I pezzi, rispettivamente titolati Properties e Ribbons sono brevissimi, abbondantemente sotto i tre minuti, e sfumano via in maniera leggera ed impalpabile; l'udito ne sfiora l'essenza ed ecco che son già finiti. A ciò contribuisce anche il carattere misterioso e sfuggente della musica. Properties ha un andamento affatto lineare, molto “a zig-zag”, a base di echi di patterns digitali, piccoli accenni chitarristici quasi folk, bleeps e qualche campionamento. In pratica un piccolo rompicapo di folktronica che non si fa in tempo a risolvere. Più sognante, tra ambient e dub, Ribbons, con suoni suadenti, caldi e profondissimi che coprono alcuni filtratissimi accenni vocali. Anche qui lievi accordi di chitarra, impalpabili e sospesi sul resto della musica. Che dire? Una release veramente enigmatica, un flash onirico ad occhi aperti. - Alfio Castorina

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