[pe65]Sotto Voce
[pe63]Luv Rokambo
Do The Glimpse
[pe62]Bad Girls
Unauthorized Recordings
[pe61]Ayami Yo-ko
[pe59]Mason Jones
The Crystalline World of Memory
Original Punk Super Stars
[pe57]Emergency String Quintet
On The Corner (Market and Sixth)
[pe56]Old Bombs / Wolf Eyes
[pe55]Silt Fish
[pe54]A Tomato a Day
Nothing Special
This Way to Escape
[pe52]Aidan Baker
I Fall Into You
[pe51]Yoko Sato
Searching For My Recording Engineer
[pe50]Inu Yaroh
The Next Door Will Be Opened
[pe49]Ernesto Diaz-Infante & Bob Marsh
Rags and Stones
[pe47]Luv Rokambo
[pe46]Falafel Avantgarde
[pe45]Rob DeNunzio
Window Music
A Clamor Half Heard
[pe43]Ultra Fuckers
Beyond the Fuckless
[pe42]XV Parowek
Periodical Embarrassment
[pe41]Yu Nishibori & Landon Thorpe
Muno Radiation
Private Idioms
[pe39]Electric Kitten Vomit
The Avant-Garde Revolts
The Blooming of One Hundred Shotguns
[pe37]Jorge Castro
Sin Titulo #2
[pe36]Matt Silcock
[pe35]Shigehiko Matsui
D-Less-CAR,D-En (IN Between +&-)
[pe34]Khoury / Shearer / Hall
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Tungu - Successful Utilization of Elements
CD (Ukraine / Global)

1. The tasting of sensitivity (w/ Sainkho Namtchylak)
2. Erasing (w/ Ulrike Brand)
3. Emergence from sleep (w/ Philippe Petit)
4. Riviere seche (w/ Xavier Charles)
5. Nightingale (w/ Susan Alcorn)
6. Where is my savagery? (w/ Guylaine Cosseron)
7. Instant d'un jardin (w/ Eric Jovet)
8. Drowning in balance (w/ Hui-Chun Lin)
9. It's great to have a spot where you cannot be found (w/ Sainkho Namtchylak)
10. Verification code (w/ Anna J?drzejewska)
11. Masque Bete N° obj 217 (w/ Jean-Marc Montera)
12. Hand in the mouth (w/ DJ Sniff)
13. Whip/ Pop (w/ Fred Lonberg-Holm)
14. JSPS (w/ Jaap Blonk)
15. Réponds moi #2 (w/ Rene Lussier)
16. A few minutes before oblivion (w/ Giuseppe Verticchio)
17. First Approach (w/ Gunda Gottschalk)
18. Four reasons to change the mood (w/ Guillaume Gargaud)
19. Zeitdichte (w/ Berit Jung)


Recorded from March 2023 - June 2023 Artwork by Sergey Senchuk


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