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XV Parowek - Periodical Embarrassment
CD-R (Blonie, Poland)

-body warmth
-silent breath
-moment of misunderstanding
-table arrangements
-kung-fu movie dragon rarities

Recorded 10/01 - 1/02

(Eld Rich Palmer no. 11) As far as I know, a Polish sound sculptor Bartek Kalinka aka XV Parówek is the only European name on American Public Eyesore's roster... Accidentally or not, they both are a good match and I hope it will have a continuation in the future. "Periodical Embarrassment" is Bartek's 1st release on Public Eyesore, and as it was with his previous stuff (the split CD-R w/Sistrum on Soulworm), he gives no excuses to amateurs of noise fast foods. No easy listening, but an exciting trip into Bartek's puzzle world. The five tracks from this CD-R confirm me in the conviction that XV Parówek will soon (or he already has) work out his own style in a making noise - Bartek's unique touch to a sound works makes him very recognizable among the cohorts of other noise makers! It is very difficult to explain why he is so remarkable but I think it must be his low-tech approach standing in opposition to the current tendency of constant upgrading one's tech equipment or making a lap-noise (which looks like an armaments race). In this context Bartek's approach to noise is beyond all clichés (but in the others' eyes it may be out of date!). The particular case of "Periodical..." sees him building a track structure by use of noise snippets only - signals, shifting drags, screeches, glitches and lots of distortions. None of the sounds lasts more than a few seconds, but all are in a forefront, it is characteristic of him that he does not lay any backgrounds for further incrustations, just a row of single evoked sounds. The sounds do not seem to be reconfigured - they sound very organically and roughly - no trace of post-production, just straight recording - for a noise aesthetic it must be terrible default, doesn't it! The highlight of the release is the 4th track Table Arrangements - a specific dialogue between a piano and distortions - a high art vs. low art! 'Noise is a disco because it's funny.' - Ward Eldrige/ND. - Krzysztof Sadza
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