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Pet The Tiger - Hail The Traveler
CD (San Francisco, CA)

1. Lunchroom Pet
2. Long Emergency
3. Mourner's Dirge
4. Under the Gun
5. Garden of the Gods
6. River of Terror
7. Surges and Tides
8. Victory of Breath
9. Dawn
10. The Underworld
11. Eaten Alive
12. Captive Soul


Lunchroom Pet
David Samas with Peter Whitehead
Gamelan Encinal: Stephen Parris, Daniel Schmidt, Derek Drudge, Kim Nucci, Sophia Shen, Patrick Liddell, Joel Nelson, Maria Siino, Lucas DeLeon

Elegy and Bardo
David Samas: invented instruments, voice
Tom Nunn: invented instruments
Bart Hopkin: invented instruments
Peter Whitehead: invented instruments, voice

David Samas: invented instruments, voice
Tom Nunn: invented instruments
Bryan Day: invented instruments
Susan Rawcliffe: original ceramic flutes

All of this music was composed and improvised by and for Pet the Tiger instrument inventors collective led by David Samas.

Lunchroom Pet was recorded by Stephen Parris at Littlefield Hall, Mills, Oakland California, 2018

Elegy, Bardo and Pahoehoe were recorded by Bryan Day at the Nunnery in 2017 and 2018 and mixed and mastered by David Michalak.

Photography by Paul Winstanley


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