[pe33]Carlos Giffoni
Lo Que Solo Se puede Expresar a Traves Del Silencio y Una Mirada de Ayer
[pe32]Luv Rokambo
[pe31]Inu Yaroh
Takede from Nostradums Live
[pe30]Noring / Day
[pe29]360 Sound
A Scratch on the Surface
[pe28]Hair and Nails
[pe27]Shlomo Artzi Orchestra
Pizza Little Party
[pe26]Kangaroo Note
[pe25]Fukktron / Hair and Nails
[pe24]Jorge Castro & Carlos Giffoni
Guitarras del Olvido y Pensamientos Dimensionales
[pe23]Naoaki Miyamoto
Live at 20000V
[pe22]Various Artists
Analogous Indirect
[pe21]Prototype Earthborne / Wren & Noring / EHI
Audio Cleansing
[pe20]Cornucopia / Musique:Motpol
60 Years
[pe19]William IX
Dawn Variations
[pe18]Zanoisect / Sistrum
Day Fills Night The Way I Walk / Furukizu
[pe17]Jorge Castro
The Joys and Rewards of Repetition
[pe16]Prototype Earthborne
Wiseman Flux Disintegration

Lisi - Damn It!!
CD (Los Angeles, CA)

-tightie whities
-idea steala
-comin' in my car
-a certain joy
-so pamela
-ich lieben die sniper

Lisi Linares - Vox & Synth

(Smother.net) Hearing a sultry sexy lass talk about “tighty whities” makes me feel weird but then when she asks the compelling question, “have you fucked in a class room?”, I know this is the album for me. Her songs are stripped down electronica jams with dubby bass hits perfect for the closest bong hit. The next incarnation of Lords of Acid? Perhaps. - J-Sin

(ADDreviews) Blippy Casio beats and sex-obsessed Dr. Seuss rhymes. Just odd enough to be intriguing. - Laze

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