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[pe66]Baker / Baker / Bloor
Terza Rima

sold out

Richard Trosper - The Ocean
CD-R (Mountain Home, AR)

-the ocean

(Dead Angel) Now this is kind of an interesting concept... it sounds like Trosper's gone and made an ambient soundtrack of sorts mainly using the sounds of skipping cds. The thing is, he's not using the obviously skipping parts that go CHUNG CHUNG CHUNG, but the parts were passages were sped up, resulting in a high-pitched, kaleidoscopic sound... and he's layered bits and pieces of such snippets and loops into a droning, shifting seascape of sound that really does live up to the title. (Rumbling noises that may or may not be perverted, heavily-reverbed bass help suggest that tidal motion and sound.) At times the sound is akin to a flooded warehouse full of toy pianos coming to life, only to be washed out to sea. Snippets of crackling noise begin to show up about halfway through, adding a more gritty texture to the hypnotic and bell-like tones. This is a deeply mysterious and entrancing piece of work, aided considerably by its brevity. One of the most intriguing experimental releases I've heard in a while, and highly recommended. - RKF

(Foxy Digitalis) A mix of ambient with manipulated pitches and surprising rushes of sound. Trosper creates a fluid twelve minute or so piece that, like the ocean that may have inspired it, creates calm and room for brooding at once. There is gentle noise, then not so gentle noise; there is repetition and juxtaposition. The piece flows like an open-ended embracing of whatever washes up on shore to be used as music or fuel for contemplation. Experimental drone has never sounded this deliberate, yet open to the random. Trosper matched his music to his muse well; like the ocean, what seems destructive here is helping to recreate. His drone and the brittle industrial asides rub against each other, but only to produce something smooth and lasting. An impressive limited release and one of the best reasons to take a chance on a mini-disc this month - Mike Wood

(Aiding & Abetting)One track, which is a suitably ambient (is that term even used anymore?) and sounds something like an abstract rendering of the oncoming sea. Subtle and creative, parts of this stuck in my brain for days after hearing it. - Jon Worley

(ADDreviews) Mellow ambient. Those two words always seem to go together. Bonus points for releasing this on a 3" - Laze

(Smother.net) One 12-minute long ambient piece that washes ashore with subtle manipulations and airy filters is known simply enough as “The Ocean”. A fitting song title for sure as this uplifting tune breathes new life into your body as it coaxes you into a relaxed state. Almost New Age but yet not quite, Richard Trosper blends ambient with found sound into a cacophony of delight. - J-Sin

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