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[eh?25]Papier Mache

Delplanque / Oldman - Chapelle de l'Oratoire
CD-R (Paris)

-part 1
-part 2
-part 3
-part 4

Oldman - Acoustic Bass, Electric Guitar and Objects
Delplanque - Laptop and Objects

(Vital Weekly) Quite a surprise to see Mathias Delplanque working with someone else. I didnít know he did that. Its one Oldman, who plays acoustic bass, electric guitar and objects, whereas Delplanque plays laptop and objects. This album contains recordings made in September 2007 and has no overdubs. An album of improvised music, which may also be something different for Delplanque. I have no idea if his laptop picks up the sounds produced by Oldman or wether the two plays by themselves, interacting to eachother playing. In either case the end result is a mixed bag I think. The third and fourth part for instance is a mix of various objects being played and with some distant reverb makes a nice piece. However the first two parts were not that well spend on me. It seems to me that they are searching here, getting at ease with eachother, finding the boundaries. Free music, with cymbals being played, adding field recording like sounds and its a bit of a long stretch to follow these pieces. Not bad, half of it at least, but not great either. Probably the format of CDR suits this best. - Frans De Waard

(Dead Angel) Mathias Delpanque brings the laptop and objects, Oldman brings the acoustic bass, electric guitar, and more objects, and the duo -- captured live at the Chapelle de L'Oratoire in Nantes, France in September, 2007 -- use these eclectic items to create four lengthy slices of freely improvised soundscapes. As with most of the albums released on Eh?, these pieces are less about songs in a conventional sense and more about textures, dynamics, and the juxtaposition of odd sounds. The first track ("Part 1") makes effective use of the stage space and the healing power of reverb, with repetitive mechanical sounds and mild clattering playing out over gradually building washes of drone and occasional bursts of twangy guitar; the sound starts out in minimal fashion and eventually grows fuller and denser over thirteen-plus minutes, before eventually doing a slow fade into oblivion. "Part 2" is more of a drone-oriented affair; there are more muted mechanical sounds, true, but the piece is dominated mainly by free-floating swells of what might be reverb-heavy bass or guitar. Those swells do grow to apocalyptic proportions on occasion, but otherwise the piece noodles along in soporific dark-ambient fashion, drifting like fog across a midnight landscape. In "Part 3," the focus is more on cryptic noises made by the aforementioned (and unidentified) objects, as short bass and guitar lines plunk away periodically in the background. "Part 4" is essentially a variation on the same theme -- different sounds, more reverb, same basic vibe. The interesting thing is how subdued the album is as a whole; despite the convergence of unusual sounds, the muted approach to the noise-making and the application of ambient drone in the background renders the album quiet most of the time, which makes the few moments of rising sound all the more dramatic when they appear. This is also considerably creepier-sounding than the average improvised album, which only adds to the mystique. - RKF

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