[eh?125]Bong Watt
If It Works, It's Obsolete
[eh?124]Ricardo Arias // Violeta García
[eh?123]Eloine + Ypsmael / Coims
[eh?122]John Collins McCormick
Healthy Alternative To Thinking
[eh?121]charles lareau
Box of Black
[eh?118]Jeff Surak
Eris I Dysnomia
[eh?117]Terrie Ex & Jaap Blonk
[eh?116]Erin Demastes
Thing Music
[eh?115]Kal Spelletich
The Blessing of the ZHENGKE ZGA37RG
[eh?113]Tech Riders
For Eternity
[eh?112]Abigail Smith
Indochina Soundscraps
The Realisation That Someone Has Been Stood Behind You Your Entire Life
[eh?110]Johannes Bergmark / Guido Hübner
nisip noaptea
[eh?109]Seeded Plain
Flying Falling
The Furies Inside Me OST
[eh?107]Jaap Blonk
Joyous Junctures
[eh?106]Sindre Bjerga
Hesitation Marks
[eh?105]Patrick Shiroishi / Arturo Ibarra
LA Blues
Atomnye Deti
[eh?103]Seeded Plain
Buffets Close Suddenly
[eh?102]Tania Chen & Jon Leidecker
Live In Japan
[eh?101]Cookie Tongue
Orphan Arms
monument 36
[eh?99]Bill Brovold
Misty Nights
[eh?97]L. Eugene Methe and Megan Siebe
Revisited, Revisited, Revisited
[eh?96]Felipe Araya
[eh?95]Eoin Callery
[eh?93]Bad Jazz
[eh?92]Ernesto Diaz-Infante
My Benign Swords
[eh?91]Larnie Fox
In The Cathedral of Airplanes
[eh?90]Tom Djll
[eh?89]Leonard * Day * Jerman
[eh?88]Das Torpedoes
Qu Nar
[eh?87]Ben Bennett & John Collins McCormick
[eh?86]Daniel Wyche
Our Severed Sleep
[eh?85]Seeded Plain
Spill Containment
[eh?84]Bad Jazz
Bad Dreams In The Night
[eh?83]Chefkirk & Andrew Quitter
Kaiju Manifestos
[eh?82]Venison Whirled
[eh?81]Gary Rouzer
Studies and Observations of Domestic Shrubbery
[eh?80]Unrepeatable Quartet
Edmonton 2012
[eh?79]Stefan Roigk
[eh?78]Lucky Bone
[eh?77]Jeffrey Alexander
No Sacred Snow, No Sacred Show
[eh?76]Bruno Duplant / Pedro Chambel / Fergus Kelly
(Winter Pale) Red Sun
[eh?74]Graves / Kreimer / Wilsey / Bachmann
The July Amalgam
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Virgin Journalist
[eh?72]Cactus Truck
Live in USA
[eh?71]Various Artists
Hammer, Anvil, Stirrup
[eh?70]Alice Hui-Sheng Chang, Park Seungjun and Jin Sangtae
Live at Dotolim
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Yiu Ja Ley
[eh?68]Chagas And Schafer
Gesture To The Declining Sun
Plasma Clusters
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Chimney Liquor
[eh?65]Close Embrace of the Earth
At the Spirits Rejoice Festival
[eh?64]Jean-Marc Montera & Francesco Calandrino
Idi Di Marzo
[eh?63]Un Nu
[eh?62]Bailly / Millevoi / Moffett
Strange Falls
[eh?61]Jacob Felix Heule & Bryce Beverlin II
Space Sickness
Mud Layer Cake
[eh?58]Strongly Imploded
Twilight of Broken Machines
we must leave the warren
Moist Areas
[eh?55]Eloine & Sabrina Siegel
Nature's Recomposition 33
Any Port In A Storm
[eh?53]Eckhard Gerdes
!Evil Scuff Mud
[eh?52]Psychotic Quartet
[eh?51]Federico Barabino
Can You Listen To the Silence Between the Notes?
The Fruit Witch of Ancient Salamander
[eh?48]Ember Schrag
Jephthah's Daughter
[eh?47]Massimo Falascone / Bob Marsh
Non Troppo Lontano
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Chapelle de l'Oratoire
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A Riddle Within a Conundrum Within a Game
[eh?44]Croatan Ensemble
[eh?43]Man's Last Great Invention
[eh?42]Sad Sailor
Link to the Outside World
[eh?41]Ricardo Arias / Miguel Frasconi / Keiko Uenishi
[eh?40]Andreas Brandal
This Is Not For You
[eh?39]Gamma Goat
Beard of Sound, Beard of Sand
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We Need You
[eh?37]David Moscovich
Ass Lunch
Four Plus One
I Manage To Get Out by a Secret Door
Dirty Realism
[eh?33]Jesse Krakow
World Without Nachos
Wave the Old Wave
[eh?30]Bryan Day
Four Televisions
Hear Here
Yama Labam A
[eh?27]Shelf Life
[eh?26]Papier Mache
[eh?25]Papier Mache

Chefkirk & Andrew Quitter - Kaiju Manifestos
CD-R (Eugene, OR)

-Spatial Surface
-The Hedorah Strut
-Plastic Synthesis
-Recreation, Multiplication, Expansion

(Disaster Amnesiac) Not to give the wrong impression, because Disaster Amnesiac loves all three of these new eh? discs, but, so far, this one has been my favorite. As I listen, I figure it has a lot to do with the two man interaction between Chefkirk and Quitter. Of course, for all I know, these two may be one in the same entity, but Keiju Manifestos certainly has a more group dynamic feel. It was recorded in Eugene but has the aesthetic impact of some inter-dimensional cosmic war going on, with all of its high end blasting and explosive sounds, especially on tracks such as Spacial Surface, Plastic Synthesis, and the absolutely bonkers closing track, Recreation, Multiplication, Expansion. Things do even groove a bit on Gesundheit, but for the most part this disc features the sounds of worlds, hell, galaxies for that matter, colliding and exploding. The things that Chefkirk and Andrew Quitter do on this disc would appeal to fans of Industrial, Power Electronics, weird old independent synthesizer cassettes from the 1980's, but Disaster Amnesiac feels a bit like I'm pigeonholing them with that statement. Their sounds are unique and clearly by their own designs. - Mark Pino

(Sound Projector) Last heard from Chefkirk in 2012 with his We Must Leave The Warren CDR, which was mostly a sub-bass droner without much in the way of spriggly fizzy eventitude, but he’s back to his good old abrasive and itchy self with Kaiju Manifestos (EH?28), where he’s scratching up a roughly-textured mess with Andrew Quitter, both cats licking the butter with their rough tongues. Quitter is an electronic carpenter-stroke-fisherman who’s been plying his trade in Eugene Oregon since about 1998, has about eight aliases and also adds his strength to at least as many bands, and his solo album covers indicate his engagement with bleak scenery, outer-space travel, wild animals – and his dislike of Portland, Oregon. Matter of fact Kaiju Manifestos was recorded at Slithis Studios in Eugene, perhaps both fellows turning their disaffection for people and places into palpable sound-art for the audience to savour. Most of this negative excitement is reserved for the two opening tracks – both ‘Spatial Surface’ and ‘Gesundheit’ are explosions of passionate proportions, and would have fit right into the murderous Mego agenda of the late 1990s – highly suitable for disinfecting and then reinfecting most kitchen surfaces with their germ-laden assault. Thereafter the album does slow down to a more considered pace, and the two circuit-folders rub up against each other like two lonely beasts by the fire, emitting deep murmurs and regularised purrs. The final track is another delicious mess, ugly pulsations and nonsensical emissions spitting forth from crazy, untamed devices, interrupted with aggressive spits from white noise, static, and all sorts of non-musical swill. Cineastes who are expert in the field of Toho productions will spot references to Smog Monster and other gigantic beasts in the track titles here. Quite good, sometimes energetic, broken electronic noise. From June 201 - Ed Pinsent

(Kathodik) Roba aguzza di quella che taglia, registrata ad Eugene nell'Oregon. Tra frenate digitali, spippolamenti alieni, distese di desolata paranoia, progressioni e inceppamenti d'ingegno homemade, l'arte del cesello feedback, il suono del nulla che riprocessa il nulla. Cinque stanze per cinque supplizi. In cupa sospensione (The Hedorah Strut), battuta/agguato (Spatial Surface), drone/oscillazione/ossidazione (Plastic Synthesis), punente tabula rasa (la conclusiva Recreation, Multiplication, Expansion). (Trattenuto) minimalismo noise in modalità allucinatoria (incombente). Chi produca questa o quella frequenza, non è dato sapere. Il suono di mille garage o studi casalinghi in costante febbrile ricerca. Talvolta presa, poi lasciata e ripresa. Non tengo a capa a posto? Non tengo a capa a posto. (con tendenza al rialzo dopo il tramonto). - Marco Carcasi

(Vital Weekly) It's been since I last heard music from Chefkirk, also known as Roger H. Smith, who, at one point, seemed like a weekly presence in these pages. Maybe it was a rumour, but someone said: he will stop sending you music, when you are positive about it. I must admit, much of his noise releases weren't that well spent on me and I am sure he didn't like my writing. Here he teams up with Andrew Quitter, who works, besides his own name, as Lisa's Trip, Neon Dumpster, Normal Police, Regosphere, Robotnoise, Suburbia Melting, Trunkus, Vestron plus he's in a whole bunch of bands. The five on 'Kajiu Manifestations' were recorded live from soundboard at Slithie Studios in Eugene, Oregon and there is no specification as to who's doing what around here. Chefkirk, no doubt, is still armed with his no-input mixer, sampler and cassettes and Quitter also has a fine bunch of lo-fi electronic apparatus under his belt. I actually enjoy these pieces. Maybe it's because these days I am leaning towards a bit of (intelligent?) noise again, or perhaps there is something in here that made me grab my chin and go: 'yeah, these guys planned this actually quite well' and came up with an interesting variety on the subject of noise. 'Plastic Synthesis' is a raw drone piece, whereas 'The Hedorah Strut' is classic noise and chaos. In both 'Recreation, Multiplication, Expansion' and 'Spatial Surface', the starting point is the same but in the latter worked out in rhythm and noise and in the first pure noise, with some looped sounds. This is all surely quite loud and noise based, but with the variations on offer and the fact that this lasts only thirty-four minutes, one has the idea that this is enough as it is, but also with the idea that an extra track could have added another level of noise. It leaves you craving for a bit more, which is good, I think. - Frans De Waard

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